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My desire is to provide small businesses with a

professional, on-brand (yet affordable) online presence.

Step 1:  Your Needs

Let's chat about your business and what you do.  What are your online needs?  Better, more cohesive branding?  A new blog with great content? A fresh website that draws people to your business?  Online store for your product line?  Let's talk!

Step 2:  the Cost

Once I get an idea of what you are needing, I can give you an estimate of how long I anticipate it will take me to design and build your site.  Generally speaking, if you have excellent digital images, know what you want to say and are just needing a simple site of a few pages, it should take me anywhere from 15-25 hours.  If your images need to be edited and we need to create content or need a more complex site, it will likely cost a bit more. 

I charge $75/hour plus the cost of annual hosting charge (about $200 annually). 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Step 3:  Final Product

Once I complete building the site, I'll send to you for review.  At that point, you let me know what you'd like to change and I make those edits, we'll connect it to your domain and the site will be live!

As time goes on, you'll want to make sure you update your site to keep it fresh and your clients coming back.  I am happy to walk you through how to make updates on your own or you can send them along to me and I can update for you at my hourly rate.  

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